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Do you need help preparing your neighborhood newsletter?



Naberle can help whether you don't have time or you've run out of ideas. We partner with small homeowner's associations in the San Antonio area to design customizable, affordable, and informative newsletters for their residents. Our motto is "Building Bonds with the People Next Door."


Naberle's knows that the key to great neighborhoods starts with effective communication. We'll publish articles and information with the following themes in mind:

  • Inform the community‎

  • ‎Build community bonds‎

  • Promote social relationships

  • ‎Promote pride in ownership‎

  • Promote safety and security‎

  • ‎Encourage policy compliance‎

  • ‎‎Promote personal well-being that leads to community wellbeing‎

  • Promote aesthetic appeal in the community‎


respecting privacy and property, noise control (pet, kids, power tools, trash disposal, common area maintenance, neat exterior, lighting, power tool noise, grass cutting, pet management, teaching children respect for others, yard maintenance, crime and safety, home remodeling, community events, gardening, holiday observances, physical activity, healthy relationships, conflict management, nutrition, sleep hygiene, coping with difficult children, high-risk behavior awareness, mindfulness, resolutions, time management, stress management, disease prevention, and management, establishing traditions.


Our standard print newsletter design is 4 pages per issue with full-color graphics printed on 70lb 11X17 paper. NOTE: Pages can be added at increments of 4 for an additional fee. 


During the set-up, our designers will work with you to select your template, create your custom masthead, and identify your color scheme.  



By the 10th of each month, you submit the content or the front and back pages. NOTE:  As a part of our signed agreement, you’ll always receive a professionally-designed “ready-made” issue if you don’t have the time to submit anything.

The Naberle staff fills the inside of your newsletter with useful information,  timely lifestyle tips, and articles based on the month and season.


You can design a plan that meets your communication needs and your budget. We want to make our product affordable for HOAs large and small, so our prices are based on the following 3 factors:

  1. Number of homes

  2. Type of media (digital or print)

  3. Subscription Cycle (quarterly or annual)

( # of homes x Type of Media X Subscription Cycle)


For as little as 15¢ (.pdf) or 50¢ (print copy) per home, per month. 


per copy

  1. DESIGN: Our staff works with you to personalize a template for your HOA with a custom masthead. 

  2. PLAN: Each month, the board submits a list of community events and a brief message to the community. Then, we'll do the rest for you by filling the remainder of the newsletter with holiday-specific or seasonally-relevant articles.  

  3. REVIEW: A copy of the newsletter will be sent to the board for final review.


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