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Ready to transform your naberhood
into an engaged & connected hub?

Hello Community Leaders!


I'm Darlene Taylor, a dedicated Community Engagement Strategist driven by the transformative power of social connections.  

As the founder of Naberhood Consulting, I specialize in the social dimension of homeowners' associations, assisting community leaders in fostering a sense of unity.

Drawing on my background in leadership, program design, health and wellness, and strategic planning, I am passionate about helping you cultivate meaningful connections in your community.


Let's build a vibrant environment where you can truly live, work, and play together. 

Warm regard,

Darlene Taylor

Founder, Naberhood Consulting

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We deliver insights and actionable information into any neighborhood's social landscape, whether it's part of a homeowner's association (HOA), condo community, housing co-op, or without a formal governing structure. Contact us to

learn how our comprehensive Community Social Needs & Assets Assessment and research-based approach can turn your neighborhood into a thriving community

Let Naberhood Consulting Unlocking
Your Community's Social Potential

Our approach is rooted in getting the analysis right and crafting tailored strategies that go beyond connection---they inspire engagement. By understanding the unique heartbeat of your community, we create meaningful pathways for members to contribute, collaborate, and thrive. Let's turn your neighborhood into a vibrant hub of shared purpose and connection.

Naberhood Consulting offers a diverse range of services covering various aspects of community development and social dynamics for a holistic approach to community well-being to include the following:

  • Community Social Needs & Assets Assessments

  • Strategic Communication & Engagement Plans

  • Evaluation Plans & Assessments

  • Professional Development Workshops

    • Effective Communication Strategies

    • Inclusive Community Building

    • Empathy and Active Listening Training

    • Interpersonal Skills Development

    • Resilience Building Initiatives

    • Community Storytelling and Identity Workshops

    • Exploring the Social Determinants of Health

    • Team Building

    • Community behavioral health program 


What's the Next Step?

Schedule a consultation, complete an assessment, and unleash your community's collective power.

Naberhood Consulting will take you step-by-step through the community engagement process to help you create the community where you want to live, work, & play. 

We'll facilitate the following activities for your community:

Mobilize a team to ensure a collaborative and synergetic process. 

Assess your community's existing social environment to better understand their strengths and challenges.

Plan a comprehensive social engagement strategy tailored to your community's unique needs. 

Implement the plan, ensuring a seamless transition from strategy to implementation.


Evaluate the results, allowing for continuous and sustained community growth.

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