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About Darlene Taylor

I am a Community Consultant and Health Education Warrior with leadership abilities, strategic planning knowledge, communication skills, and creative energy committed to improving community-health by delivering innovative initiatives focused on addressing health equity through the lens of upstream social, economic, and environmental determinants of health.

I am a retired Army veteran who excelled in a variety of leadership positions to include Senior Drill Sergeant, First Sergeant, Brigade Operations Sergeant Major, Chief Medical Sergeant Major and Command Sergeant Major. Darlene has served both in the United States and overseas. 

As a lifelong learner, my professional life has been supported by an extensive level of leadership training and strategic planning experiences. My military education was complemented with a host of post-secondary certifications and degrees. 

My professional journey has a common thread-- a passion for helping others. I'm a professional listener and public speaker, who expertly weaves education and health behavior theory, lived experience, and storytelling into an informative and compelling narrative. 



There's Life on the Other Side

It’s been five years since I retired from the military. It has been a challenging time filled with a variety of accomplishments and insights. Below is some of what I've  learned and done.

  • Finished a BS in Health and Wellness. (website)

  • Earned an MS in Health Education and a Graduate Certification in Adult Education.

  • Served as the HOA President, updating three contracts, overseeing park renovations, organizing eight community events, redesigning the quarterly newsletter, and installing security lighting in our community park.

  • Chaired the USO Transition Services Alumni Leadership Council, organizing an annual dinner, 6 monthly networking luncheons, developing a newsletter, and partnering with Starbucks to host a monthly Coffee, Community, and Connection event for transitioning service members.

  • Researched and analyzed drug usage trends, designed in-house training curriculum, health promotion campaigns, marketing materials, and health programs that trained over 3000 people.

  • Earned a Customer Excellence certification through Syracuse University.

  • Trained over 8,000 employees in suicide awareness, ensuring all were prepared to intervene to help those with thoughts of suicide. 

  • Led Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston's first multi-agency resiliency event. (article)

  • Completed both a professional coaching and community coaching certification course. 

  • Transitioned the Relocation Program's training to a virtual platform during COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Earned a promotion from Community Readiness Consultant to Supervisory Community Readiness Consultant.

  • Completed a certification on non-profit management from Our Lady of the Lake University.

  • On a more personal note, I oversaw home renovations, went on three cruises, and enjoyed many evenings walking and riding my bike throughout the San Antonio park system.

2021 Projects

2021 Projects & Goals

  • Continue to learn and grow in the areas of health education, social justice, upstream SDOH by reading 52 books. 

  • Complete the Nonprofit Management Program through the San Antonio Area Foundation.

  • Spend time with all of their grandchildren this year.

  • Focus on 16/8, 10,000, & 7/7.

With the completion of my master's degree, I'm officially finished with the formal part of her education. However, as a lifelong learner, I will continue to learn and grow. Below are my projects and goals for 2020:

  • Establish a neighborhood initiative to help homeowner associations build and sustain in a socially-well community. (Check out Naberle)

  • Have coffee with 52 inspiring people this year.   

Keep the Conversation Going

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