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Ready to transform your neighborhood into an engaged and connected community?

Awaken your neighborhood's social possibilities with--

  • Community Social Needs & Assets Assessments

  • Strategic Communication & Engagement Planning

  • Virtual Workshops and Sessions

Let Naberhood Consulting Unlocking
Your Community's Social Potential



Naberhood Consulting offers a diverse range of services covering various aspects of community social development for a holistic approach to community well-being including the following:

  • Community Social Needs & Assets Assessments

  • Strategic Communication & Engagement Planning

  • Virtual Workshops and Sessions


We leverage the Centers for Disease Control's MAP-IT process, an evidence-based and widely recognized framework, to strategically address community needs. The process has demonstrated its validity through successful applications in public health initiatives. Its adaptability and comprehensiveness make it a valuable tool for enhancing the social fabric of communities. 


We collaborate with neighborhoods of varying sizes and governing structures, delivering tailored insights for actionable improvements in their social landscape. Whether a small neighborhood with no formal governing structure or a large homeowner's association, we offer tailored solutions that scale to your unique needs. Together, we can turn your neighborhood into a thriving community

What's the Next Step?

Schedule a consultation, complete an assessment, and unleash your community's collective power.

Naberhood Consulting will take you step-by-step through the community engagement process to help you create the community where you want to live, work, & play

Mobilize a team to ensure a collaborative and synergetic process. 

Assess your community's existing social environment to better understand their strengths and challenges.

Plan a comprehensive social engagement strategy tailored to your community's unique needs. 

Implement the plan, ensuring a seamless transition from strategy to implementation.


Evaluate the results, allowing for continuous and sustained community growth.

Get Started for Free! Don't let the word 'consultant' keep you from requesting a free virtual consultation. At Naberhood Consulting, we craft scalable strategies that suit any budget. We strongly believe in the power of targeted approaches--–because, in most cases, the simplest solutions are the best. 

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